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If you plan on selling your computer, using KillDisk to erase everything from the hard disk is a must. Using it can improve the already high level of security provided by the free version.
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December 23, 2021


Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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One Pass Zeros data sanitization is supported by Active KillDisk Download For Windows Freeware, a small and straightforward program. It may completely wipe out all data stored on a hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drive, SCSI storage, RAID array, or even two disks running in parallel.

Highly effective and easily transportable software that completely overwrites the contents of hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards, rendering them unrecoverable. U.S. English is supported by [email protected] KillDisk, a disk sanitation and partition erasing program. More than twenty different international data sanitization standards, including DoD 5220.22-M. There is no per-erase cost included in the licensing fee.

It’s understandable that security-conscious individuals would choose a solution capable of more than simply a single overwrite. However, [email protected] KillDisk is a useful program for anyone who doesn’t mind trading a little bit of security for a few convenience options. Even better, if you’re prepared to invest a little extra, you can have the best of both worlds.

You may rest assured that your information will be safe if you decide to donate or dispose of your drives or PCs. For consumers that often contribute multiple machines, this is crucial information. I should have mentioned earlier that the software is also compatible with Apple OS X, but being a die-hard Windows user, I completely forgot to do so. All features are available in the OS X version as well. In conclusion, this software is worth purchasing if you want to shorten the time required to securely erase all data from your hard drives. The alternative option is worth considering if you’re willing to wait for hours and go through a confusing maze of misleading data and extra features. Which one do you think you should pick?

The product has a function that deletes old information. Tools can be obtained from both the World Wide Web and portable drives with USB ports. Handles lots of data quickly. Active KillDisk’s newest, official release supports Windows 10 in English and can be downloaded for free.


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How to install Active KillDisk?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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