DesktopCal is an excellent calendar management tool with a straightforward UI suitable for both novices and seasoned users alike.
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April 29th, 2022


Windows 11/ Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows7



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DesktopCal Download for windows is an excellent program that can greatly improve your efficiency. At its core, it’s a pretty straightforward program; it’ll let you make reminders, organize calendar events, manage your time, and jot down notes on your desktop, among other things. A full tool that won’t require a lot of room or power, it’s ideal for when you need to save room or electricity.

This Desktop Calendar may be seen in its whole across the computer’s desktop, and it comes packed with a variety of useful organizational tools. It’s open-source and free, and it can replace the software on your computer effectively. Think about using this calendar instead of purchasing a separate one, as it has many features normally only seen in more expensive programs.

DesktopCal is a handy application that functions as a desktop calendar and notepad. You can keep track of important dates, set reminders, and plan events with the help of the holidays and anniversaries included in Desktop Calendar.

The Desktop Calendar is not only an effective calendar, but also a handy planner. It has more functionality than you’d expect from a calendar software, but it still needs work before it can fully replace premium alternatives. Because of its low barrier to entry and no cost to the user, the program automatically receives a positive review. It runs smoothly without any stuttering or slowing down your machine.


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How to install DesktopCal?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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