An easy CPU benchmark and stress test is included in CPU-Z, and you can publish your findings to their website to compare and discuss with others.
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December 19, 2021


Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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CPU-Z Download For Windows is a free program that provides extensive hardware details about your computer. Information about your computer’s processor, memory cache, motherboard, and RAM can all be found in CPU-Z, with each component having its own tab.

This app is free to download and use, unlike competing options such as Aida64, Core Temp, and MSI Afterburner, and it is compatible with Android devices as well. CPU-Z will generate a table with all the important data. Details can be read by scrolling up and down the page.

Those with a strong background in computers and an interest in improving their machine’s performance will find the most value in this article. CPU-Z now supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

This hardware indicator can reveal the version of Windows installed on your computer. CPU-Z is available for both PC and Android platforms. CPU-newest Z’s release is available for download in both setup and zip formats (which is a portable version)

Fast, real-time monitoring of CPU temperature. The function includes a wide variety of data, such as the processor’s name, code name, temperature, package name, model name, technology, RAM information, core temperature, battery voltage, battery capacity, specification, BIOS information, VGA Controller details, Multimedia device details, USB Controller details, Serial ATA details, SMBus details, Network details, and so on.


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How to install CPU-Z?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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NVIDIA Profile Inspector

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Hardware Sensors Monitor

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Intel Chipset Device Software

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