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The statistical calculator that fits in your pocket, allowing you to quickly calculate standard deviations and effect sizes.
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November 6, 2012


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The Effect Size Calculator Download For Windows is a straightforward program for calculating standard deviations and effect sizes. Statistics students and professionals would find this book useful. The tool has a number of useful settings that may be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Using a series of equations, this tool estimates how many people would need to participate in a study for there to be a significant chance of observing a treatment effect.

PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation has the advantage of accommodating six distinct research designs (survival, t-test, regression 1, regression 2, dichotomous, and the Mantel-Haenszel). This program can determine the sample size needed to detect a specific alternative hypothesis at a desired level of significance, the level of significance with which that alternative hypothesis can be detected with a given sample size, or the list of alternative hypotheses that can be tested with that power and sample size.

Specifically, it is an online tool for estimating effect sizes. Its purpose is to make calculating effect sizes for meta-analysis easier. The standardized mean difference, correlation coefficient, odds-ratio, and risk-ratio are the four forms of effect-size that may be calculated using a variety of input data.

A lightweight program like Effect Size Calculator shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on system resources, and that’s exactly what happened here. Information was quickly calculated and displayed, and only a little amount of memory and processing power was required. Unfortunately, there are no data storage export options available. However, it provides a straightforward method for conducting statistical analysis.


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