JRiver Media Center

Enables you to organize and play various media files using a single program.
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29.0.87 (64-bit)


August, 4th 2022


Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


39.1 MB

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When it comes to large media collections, nothing beats JRiver Media Center Download For Windows 64-bit. In addition to being able to play, rip, burn, and tag any form of media file, it can also offer that content to devices like the Xbox, PS3, UPnP, DLNA, and TiVo. Support for playe, cameras, 90+ media file formats, integration with Facebook, Flickr, Audible, Amazon MP3, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Hulu, Last.FM, and Twitter, cover art lookup, three skinned interfaces, and real-time HD TV recording are just some of the features found in JRiver Media Center 64bit. Support for CD and DVD databases, drag-and-drop Playlist construction, smart lists based on rules, and popular handheld device support are just a few of the features available in Visualize Studio.

There are three distinct user experiences available. The DSP Studio provides for a tailored listening experience, and the Visualization Studio features tools for making your own visuals. Media Editor is a sound file editor, and Media Scheduler can be used to set alarms, record sounds, and more. Rule-based smart lists. Create a Playlist with the simple click of a mouse. The ability to search for and play files, as well as view media, in a variety of different views. Artists leaving tags in the studio. Automatic CD labeler with printer. Help for several portable media players like the Sony PSP and PlaysForSure.

It can play any type of media, rip and burn discs, and catalog your audio, video, and picture collections. MC can encode and decode all common media formats. Media Server, one of the program’s potent features, allows users to send videos, audio, and images to distant computers across a network. As a media player, Media Center goes above and beyond. The Media Network can serve as a central hub for all of your home’s media needs, including audio, video, and even photographs. The standard-bearer for audiophile-grade playback. The best media database on the market; a must-have for serious collectors. Media Player VLC 3.0.6 is also available for download.

Transfer songs from Media Center to your mobile digital audio player, or import photographs from your digital camera into Media Center’s extensive image library. Get some tunes together on a CD and play them in the car. You can watch your recorded episodes whenever you want. Do you have more than one sound card? Put on a variety of tunes all at once, but in separate rooms. Music can be transmitted from your home PC to your office computer via MC’s Media Server.

This software does a great job at arranging album covers for music files, and it can even include popular music with hints for a batch of tracks. Selected users can also be added to the album at the bottom. When compared to other music-playing programs, JRiver Media Center provides a listening experience that is truly unique.


( 29.0.87 (64-bit)) - 39.1 MB
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How to install JRiver Media Center?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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