NVIDIA Control Panel

NVIDIA Control Panel is a utility that enables users to control various aspects of the graphic processing unit's operations. It includes various generic settings that are tied to the current display output level.
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January, 31st 2022


Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


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The NVIDIA Control Panel Download for Windows is a robust tool for improving FPS in video games. It provides a unified point of entry to the core NVIDIA driver features. Extreme gamers frequently employ the program to enhance their play on Windows PCs. This Windows utility program makes games look more crisp and responsive. In contrast to its rivals, NVIDIA’s Control Panel offers fast 3D rendering, multiple configuration options, and the ability to optimize color ratios.

It’s worth noting that the NVIDIA Control Panel Desktop comes pre-installed on every PC with an Nvidia GPU because it’s a part of every official Nvidia driver. However, in some cases, users may lose access to this driver utility, necessitating either a complete driver reinstallation or a separate installation of just this app. If the driver files are damaged, corrupt, or missing, or if the new driver is unstable and may lead to system freezes and crashes, reinstalling or updating an official driver may cause a PC to begin behaving in an unexpected manner. This application should be reinstalled and the driver left as is in such cases.

It is necessary to uninstall any previous drivers before installing the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you don’t select this, the ‘clean installation’ option will be unavailable during the update process. Smart Game Booster and other similar programs take more time to set up, but this one takes just a few seconds.

By simply running Driver Easy, your computer’s specifications will be detected and the appropriate drivers will be downloaded and installed immediately. You can skip guessing your computer’s operating system, downloading and installing the wrong driver, and worrying about setting it up incorrectly.

Microsoft may issue updates for the NVIDIA Control Panel app on a regular basis. If the following message appears when you try to launch NVIDIA Control Panel, it is likely that the NVIDIA Control Panel app was not updated to the most recent version from the Microsoft Store during the driver update process.


(8.1.958 ) - 8.25 MB
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How to install NVIDIA Control Panel?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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