Password Safe

Password Safe makes it simple to generate an encrypted list of user names and passwords, no matter how many you need. To unlock and access your entire user name/password list in Password Safe, you need only create and remember a single "Master Password" of your choosing.
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May 29, 2022


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The Password Safe Download for windows platform is open-source and completely free to use. The program was at first only compatible with Microsoft Windows, but it has since been updated to work with Linux, FreeBSD, Android, and even Apple’s iOS.

User responsibility for security is paramount. You should never write down your passwords and store them in an easily accessible location like a text file or a scrap of paper on your desk (both cyber-based and human). When you reuse the same password for multiple accounts across multiple systems and websites, you run the risk of having all of your data compromised if a hacker manages to crack just one of your passwords.

PasswdSafe is an Android version of the Password Safe app (available at The complementary PasswdSafe Sync app allows for cloud-based password file synchronization. In order to facilitate two-factor authentication, YubiKey NEO tokens are supported. Devices with a fingerprint scanner and Android 6.0 or later can save file passwords.

Data security is a major concern for those who work in IT and cyber security. Companies of all sizes devote a significant portion of their annual IT security budgets to countering the threats posed by hackers who use methods such as brute force, exploiting vulnerabilities, and social engineering to gain access to sensitive information. There are links scattered throughout this manual that will take you to additional resources where you can learn more about the difficulties of data security, industry compliance, and customer privacy. You will also find solutions to the problems presented.


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How to install Password Safe?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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