In 2021, TECOPARK released PICO PARK, a PC game that combines action, adventure, and casual gameplay.
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November, 19th 2021


Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


1.18 GB

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Pico Park Download For Windows is a multiplayer or local co-op 2D platformer that costs money to play. If you’re playing this TECOPARK puzzle game, you’ll need to solve a series of problems before you can progress to the next level. There are a variety of colorful, tiny, cat-like characters in the game who may both act autonomously and work together.

The rule is straightforward: “Go all the keys and get to the goal and clear,” but each of the game’s 48 stages features unique twists that are only available in multiplayer. You’ll need to talk to your fellow players and figure out new ways to work together as you progress through most levels because new tricks surface at each new stage. Our 2019 Nintendo Switch release served as the basis for this version. But it’s more than just a port; it also has online multiplayer.

Those who have finished the game’s 48 stages can head straight into Infinite Mode to compete with their friends for the highest scores. Cooperating with others is a quick way to increase your score.

The goal of the Infinite Game is to amass an infinite number of points, and the network competition feature lets you compete against other players for fun. The gameplay focuses on platforming puzzles. Each world contains a set of levels. The mechanics of each universe are different and must be learned or solved. After learning the fundamentals of the world, you’ll need to take a specific action to advance to the next round of the competition and earn more points in the process.

There are 48 engaging levels with a wide range of problems, many of them are based on a cooperative physics test. If the key is floating in the air, for instance, the players can simply leap over each other to reach it. The game includes a wide variety of dynamic situations, such as wind, the requirement to repel down the chasm to steal the key (with the help of your fellow players securing your rope), and more.


(PICO PARK) - 1.18 GB
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How to install PICO PARK?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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