Users, however, often fail to keep up with this trend, resulting in the accumulation of many gigabytes of unused data even as hard drive capacities continue to increase.
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November 29, 2021


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If you wait long enough, every hard drive will become inadequate. Space-saving secrets are revealed by TreeSize Download For Windows Free. You can access TreeSize Free directly from the context menu of a drive or folder to see the total size of that location. Like in Windows Explorer, you can expand a folder to view the total size of its contents. Scanning occurs in a separate thread, so you can view the results even as TreeSize processes your data. There is a way to see how much space the file system is wasting and have a report printed out with the findings.

TreeSize, much like WinDirStat and other disk space management programs, can scan and monitor your computer’s available capacity. It’s also a fantastic visualization tool, with a number of options for users to quickly identify which applications are taking up the most room on their hard drives.

TreeSize Free displays the total size of a selected folder and its subfolders when launched from the context menu of a file or drive. Folders can be expanded in an Explorer-like manner, allowing you to view the total size of all subfolders. Any and all results can be further refined to the file level. Since TreeSize Free’s scanning operations occur in a separate thread, you’ll be able to view the output even as the program continues to process. TreeSize allows for standard drag and drop operations in addition to the Explorer context menu.

TreeSize can be launched from the File Explorer-style context menu of any folder or drive to display the total size of the selected item, including all of its subfolders and files. By displaying a gradient bar behind these folders, it is simple to tell them apart.

By using TreeSize Free, you can quickly identify space-hogging files and then delete them. It will provide an Explorer-like overview of your entire hard drive’s contents, detailing the size of each file and folder inside. You can quickly find your way around the system because the folder sizes are represented by a bar of color.


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How to install TreeSize?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.


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