V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK – Friday Night Funkin Mod

There is a clear difficulty increase from the standard game to the V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK - Friday Night Funkin Mod.
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February, 24th 2022


Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7


186.7 MB

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Even though the V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK – Friday Night Funkin Mod Download For Windows is free to download, it is incompatible with the original game of Friday Night Funkin’. In order to play the mod, both the original FNF game and the mod must be installed on your computer. Whitty, a fiery rock star who clashes with Girlfriend’s parents, is a new character included in this version. There is a brand new week of content to explore, and a new feature that records your song performances for playback is also included.

Music video games like PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution serve as inspiration for Friday Night Funkin’, where the fight for supremacy continues each week. This week’s mod for Friday Night Funkin’ is V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK. It all starts with Whitty tearing a poster of The Girlfriend’s dad to shreds. He snaps around to face you, frowning menacingly, and the first round of combat begins.

This VS Whitty Full Week mod is the same as the original Whitty in that it follows the Boyfriend as he faces up against his greatest rival. This update not only adds new songs, but also increases the difficulty of existing songs by increasing the rate at which the on-screen mod prompts appear. For those who have mastered the original FNF, this is a formidable test of skill. To be declared the victor in a rap fight, one must prevail over one’s opponent.

There are score bars at the bottom of the screen that keep track of how many correct and incorrect beats the player has performed, ultimately deciding who wins the song battle. If the player is beating Whitty, the meter shifts to the left; otherwise, it shifts to the right to reflect the player’s performance.

One of the nicest new features in VS Whitty MOD for Friday Night Funkin is the replays system, and we haven’t even gotten to it yet! With the help of this MOD, we may record a new week’s worth of gameplay and see it afterwards (when we lose the battle it will not be saved). It’s still in beta, so there may be some kinks to iron out, but thus far, it’s been really successful.


(1.2.3) - 186.7 MB
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How to install V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK - Friday Night Funkin Mod?

1. Download the file.

2. Open the application and click on "Install ".

3. Follow the steps that appear on the screen.



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